10 ideas of romantic things to do in Las Vegas

Whether you are in Las Vegas to find love or have your love with you, get ready for a wonderful, romantic time in the city that never sleeps with more than one place to cozy up. However, doing it right at the precise time is a priority. Romance in Las Vegas can be a smoked screen, but that should not stop you from having a superb time and having a great company while at it.
There is something to do in every season in Las Vegas, choosing to come to Sin City at the right weather will enhance your romance, solidify the relationship or enable you to start something refreshing with a new person. Whether you are looking to eat, tour the world, or cozy up in a private room enjoying each other’s company, these are the ten must-dos when you come to Las Vegas for a romantic time.


1. Gondola Ride

There is nothing more romantic than a ride that takes you to Italy along the waterways of Venice with the ancient architecture and an Italian opera serenading both of you as you gently glide across the water surface. The beautiful romantic city of Venice, except for this time you are in Las Vegas. If this is your first romantic vacation to Las Vegas, the best place to be in the Venetian Hotel and Resort, you will be amazed and swept off your feet by the elegant breathtaking replica of Venice, Italy. This romantic ride comes complete with a private for two gondola rides sailing in the Grand Canal, a singer filling your heart with soothing music, the ambiance increasing the romantic feeling while you enjoy some lovely time in each other’s arm. You know they say, stealing a kiss, or a smooch as the gondola passes under a bridge is good luck, you never know, if you aren’t married, he might propose. To ensure the moments last forever, there are professional photographers to take a picture you will cherish forever. For a couple of bucks, the Venetian Hotel and Resorts will bring Italy to you with a little something extra – love.

2. Enjoy A Drink Together – Coffee Or Wine Or Beer (Cocktail)

The Las Vegas strip is a vibrant, bubbly background that requires you have some energy to get around the city. You can decide to enjoy a specialty cup of coffee brewed with flavors that define your love at the Mothership Coffee or try something new. They also serve delicious beer cocktails, you need to be there for a sip, and if you have never sipped a beer cocktail before, the Mothership coffee will blow your mind with options too many to count. Its big floor to ceiling window creates room for the perfect view while you enjoy more than a cup of Americana.
If wine is your forte, then stop over at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Don’t scream just yet, we know the hotel is expensive and maybe a bad choice but hidden inside this jewel is an incredible lounge, the Mandarin Bar, an exclusive romantic destination for two. Although the menu list is not cheap, you should cough up a couple of dollars to enable you to treat your partner to a great time.


3. Up The Eiffel Tower, We Go

Paris is the most romantic country in the world, and Las Vegas has a replica, maybe not the exact surrounding, but you will enjoy a romantic date out in the tower. With a little money, you will enjoy a sensational menu, drinks, and an incredible view from the 11th floor or get around to the 46th floor and enjoy the lights of the Las Vegas strips in a panoramic view like no other.


4. Beat Gravity in a Hot Air Balloon

With no tall buildings or high rising on the horizon, the Las Vegas desert is the ultimate location for a balloon ride. Take your partner for a 360-degree view of the Arizona desert in a private tour that includes breakfast or dinner (depending on when you started the ride) that ends with some sizzling champagne.
For couples looking for a truly romantic experience in Las Vegas, a Balloon ride several meters in the air is the epic adventure. The ride takes you over the Red Rock Canyon where you can watch the sunrise or sunset, see the unique fauna of the Canyon that line the incredible rock formation, and other balloon riders floating away into eternity. Each balloon trip ends with a champagne toast for a wonderful ride. Couples also have the privilege of packing a picnic basket for a romantic dinner for two before the balloon is set to take off back to base.



5. Take Your Love On A Ride Around Las Vegas

Las Vegas lights are the reason why everyone goes to Vegas, and a ride is something couples can do together while enjoying the thrills and fun of the city. If you like speed, then go “formula one” sports car racing, couples get to choose exotic car brands like Porsche or Lamborghini and drive around a five-lap racecourse. This gives you a taste of the rich and famous. You can choose to slow things down and do it with style in a limousine tour. The ride is usually organized for two with a bottle of champagne to enhance the feeling for the evening. The limousine rides have interesting stops that include the fountain light show at the Bellagio.
Free-spirited couples can hire an open jeep and go on tour soaking up the ambiance, atmosphere, and beauty of Las Vegas and end the day with a romantic dinner at the plenty restaurants that line the Vegas strip, hotels and resort in the city.


6. Enjoy A Live Show Together

Cirque du Soleil, Las Vegas
Source :https://www.cirquedusoleil.com/


Las Vegas is the capital of live shows, the city is full of entertainment and there are a variety of shows to see all over the city. From the Cirque du Soleil to the musical shows paying tribute to legendary stars like Michael Jackson, the Bee Gees, Mariah Carey, Jenifer Lopez or get drawn in the magical world of the famous illusionist David Copperfield, or get your sexy on with some adult shows like Magic Mike, Burlesque, and many more, there is never a dull moment.
Two very romantic shows that you should absolutely watch are the Zumanity at New York – New York. There is not a livelier scene than this one; this is the adult version of the Cirque du Soleil but more entertaining, sexy, and classy. The show features acrobatics ladies in tiny sexy outfits performing incredible tasks with amazing props that just make you cuddle up to your partner.
If you love good music, dancing, and water, you should be at Le Reve – the Dream. This show combines sensuality, dance, acrobatics, and incredible choreography with an astonishing setting to awaken the love and lust in your hearts. You will be wowed by the strength, courage, talents, and skills of the performers as they entertain you with jaw-dropping performances that will set the tone for a romantic mood that will last the whole night.
For couples, you can pay for a sofa for two and enjoy some absolutely romantic time without any interference.


7. Look Into Each Other’s Eyes Over Dinner And Wine

There are plenty of places to eat and drink in the Las Vegas strip, but a truly romantic setting will be dining at Spanish themed restaurant E by Jose Andres. They create a cozy, intimate spot for couples with lovely decors that symbolize and enhance love. Also, is the Spanish menu that will make your fall in love all over again?
You can also choose to dine at Picasso, a fine dining restaurant at the Bellagio. The Picasso offers couple two romantic settings- dining on the patio with a perfect view of the fountain shows and all the lights that make Las Vegas what it is or if you are lucky, book a table in the hotel, and enjoy elegant works of art by Renaissance artist Pablo Picasso. Their menu is intricately detailed plates of French and Spanish combinations in the most mouth-watering arrangement with exquisite wine to go with it.
Speaking of wine, you must take your partner to the Desert Shores at Marche Bacchus that combines French bistro dining experience with a selection of wine to build the romance in your hearts. At the heart of the Marche Bacchus, couples can enjoy some classic French menu like cheeses, foie gras, and other traditional French dishes paired with marvelous wines. If you happen to visit in the chilly months, you can get cozy before a very romantic fireplace, to keep you warm. We could not ask for anything more.


8. Take over the Grand Canyon

The Red Rock Grand Canyon is the most visited attraction in Las Vegas and an impressive place for romantics looking for something unique to do. You can decide to wow your date with a helicopter ride that will give you a view of the astonishing rock formation of the canyon. Couples get to enjoy dinner and champagne on a flat surface while they gaze into the sunset. Luxury dinner can include beef Bourguignon, pasta, and a glass of sparkling champagne. If you cannot hire a helicopter, don’t be heartbroken, the Red Rock Canyon can be reached by a Hummer tour.
This will allow you to take your date for a rode and enjoy the view and formation from ground level. It also allows you to see the canyon up close and romantic without bursting the bank. You can also settle down and enjoy some picnic food and a glass of wine. That is not all if you cannot hire a car and want something different, go bike riding into the Red Rock Canyon. This is clearly not for the faint heart, but it is an adventure that will have your hair in the wind, adrenaline pumping with a spectacular view to die for. Yes and don’t forget to take pictures at the Grand Canyon Skywalk, it is amazingly wonderful.


9. Play the Slot or Zip the Slot

Las Vegas is home to hundreds of gambling outlets, there is a slot machine at every spot. A couple that wins together stays together. The Slot machine is the backdrop of so many romantic movies and an opportunity to create yours. However, if you cannot bear the loss of losing your money, you can get some adrenaline pumping with excitement as you zip down slotZilla. Couples get a good laugh as they taunt each other while seeing Sin city flying down a zip line. After all, not everyone can win the millions from a Las Vegas slot machine.


10. Unwind and Relax with a Private Spa

After a long day touring the city of Las Vegas, you should be tired, and there is nothing better than couples massage in a beautiful and exclusive resort that will further cement your bond. One very popular spa retreat is at the South Point. Couples get to enjoy private spa sessions with access to a sauna, Jacuzzi, with various natural exfoliating creams, a massage, and some champagne. Take a sit in the eucalyptus steam session to loosen all the tightness and knock the stress out of your body for a relaxing romantic night.

There are a lot of romantic things to do in Las Vegas, and having a clear thought of where to start is hard. You can decide to sightsee, ride a car, and enjoy wines and food from exotic locations cooked by top decorated chefs in high-class restaurants. You can take a journey on land, on water or in the air, and see Las Vegas like never before.
If you have always wanted to travel to Europe but don’t have the funds, Las Vegas is the right place to get your international groove on as you travel from Paris to Spain, to Italy, and plenty more places of your dreams.

You can never go wrong with a romantic date in Las Vegas, book your trip now and enjoy yourselves.

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