What is the best time to visit Las Vegas ?

What is the best time to visit Las Vegas ?

Las Vegas, by night

You’ve decided to go to Las Vegas and enjoy its casinos and its extraordinary nightlife and entertainement. The last remaining question is now: When is the best time to visit Las Vegas ?

Las Vegas is fun all year round but the weather  can change your experience depending on the period of the year you choose.

If you can freely choose your dates, it’s also good to know that there are some really busy dates in Las Vegas you may want to avoid as the hotel rates can get really high during some events.


The Weather

When you decide to come to Las Vegas, the first thing is to check the weather. The city is hot, humidity is a problem for people that are not used to the heat, and the wind does not help matters either. However, that doesn’t take away from the numerous activities that are lined up throughout the year every month.
While you can hop into Vegas anything you want, the best times are usually from March to May and in September to November in the winter months. Despite sweltering temperatures and the crowd, Las Vegas is a getaway destination that is a must come.

Las Vegas Weather By the Month

January – well, don’t expect any sun or bikini weather in January as the month is still cold from the winter. Although the day time can be a bit cozy enabling you to roam the city for some sightseeing, you need a good jacket and some gloves to wade the cold off. Temperatures go as high as 24 centigrade and drop below zero at night. There is also the occasional shower ushering the raining season, but it is cold.

February – if you are visiting Las Vegas this month, pack some bikinis or light clothes as the summer is starting to romance the city. This will definitely see you around pools and having a cocktail. To enjoy the summer of Las Vegas, you can schedule your visit towards the end of the month into March when summer is in full swing.

March, April, and May – the month of socializing, having fun and burning some cash at the casinos. These three months are the peak visiting season, the weather is fabulous, and temperatures have been known to go as high as 28 degrees centigrade with an average in the 21-degree range. However, it is the appropriate time to enjoy cool nights, refreshing drinks, and soak in the beauty and ambiance of Las Vegas.

June, July, and August – welcome to the desert city of Las Vegas. Yes, we had to refer it as such as these months are the hottest in Vegas. The afternoons are blazing hot with temperatures averaging in the 36 degrees centigrade and up to 21 degrees at night. Although compared to the day, it is cool, but you will be drinking lots of water and staying by the poolside more. So if you are planning to enjoy some natural tan, we suggest plenty of light clothes, shorts, lots of sunscreens, a large sun hat and a water bottle if you can stay indoors.

September – finally, a breath of fresh air as autumn breeze begins to filter its way into Las Vegas. Although the weather is still hot and feels sticky, the evenings are cooler, and you can rock that sexy gown you brought for that show. Temperatures average 30 degrees, but with a refreshing coolness to it.

October – autumn is here, the weather is excellent, and you can wear your light clothes from summer. A lightweight overall jacket to combat the slight chill completes the perfect outfit for a relaxing evening at one of Las Vegas plenty of restaurants, or you could walk through the shopping plazas. Temperatures average 28 degrees in the day, and 12 degrees at night, stay warm but enjoy the city.

November – this is an unstable month for the weatherman. The weather is erratic and the days can be warm and dry, or warm and sticky with beautiful blue skies. The nights are not any different, some nights are cool for some martini, and other nights are cold, and a mug of hot chocolate or coffee is needed to keep you alert. The average temperature is 19 degrees and only a few day3 when the temperature is above 25 degrees centigrade.

December – the winter monster has awakened from its slumber, and the nights and days are cold even with no prospect of snowing. If you are new to Vegas, you will experience summer solstice, with shorter days, less sun, and cooler, longer night. Except you have a significant event, this is not the best time to be in Las Vegas as you will probably spend the best part of your day indoor under layers of blankets with a bowl of hot soup.


Booking a Ticket – When to Get the Best Deals

The Mid Season – this period falls in April through June and September through November. This is during spring, the hot sizzling summer has just passed away, but most visitors are still skeptical about the weather. If you are coming, you will enjoy amazing discounts on everything, including accommodation. You will also get to see Las Vegas better with a lesser crowd too.

The Low Season – of July through August can bake a loaf of bread due to the scorching sun. If you are visiting during this period, you will enjoy great discounts on all services in Las Vegas, but you might not get out as often as desired because of the weather. A lot of ice cream flavors to try out and cold ice drinks are readily available in the air-conditioned casinos.

The Peak season – Las Vegas is the best place to experience the holiday season, and this period is jammed packed with people flocking the city, which impacts the prices of services across the board. This period is also busy, the crowd is much, events are slated, and shows are in almost all theaters. So you should expect a high rate, but if you make a last-minute booking, you might not get the best spot in Sin City.


Getting a Good Bargain in Las Vegas

There is always a great deal or discount waiting for you in Vegas; you have to know when to get it. Whether you are looking for exceptional accommodation without breaking the bank, want to enjoy a buffet, ride the high roller, or other bargains that will make your stay wonderful, fun, and unforgettable.

For a real bargain on everything in Vegas is when summer is peaking. Visitors and guests stay away, but if you plan to visit, take advantage of the indoor attractions or lodge at any of Las Vegas mountain resorts for cooler and calmer weather. You can also find astonishing deals at night as temperatures are down and cooler than the afternoons.

Christmas bargains – The holidays are also a time to enjoy great deals, it is the winter period, and although the weather is cold, you should get amazing Christmas deals on hotels and other activity spots you can enjoy with the family or alone.

Hotel Booking – hotels in Las Vegas can get really expensive, but to get a great deal, book a room months before the actual visit.

Buffet Time – visiting Las Vegas in November through February is a great time to enjoy some really tasty meal without waiting in line or spending more than you have on you. Buffets are a common sight in Vegas and a better way to indulge in the freshness of the city without spending too much.

The High Roller – the lights, the infrastructure, and the design of Las Vegas is a sight to behold, but a visit to the high roller allows you to see Sin City in a different light, especially the water fountains, the light show, and others.


Activities in Las Vegas by the month

The city of Las Vegas is host to plenty of conventions, events, shows, and festivals, making it the perfect place to spend your time. The following are what is happening in Vegas by the month

January – asides from the multiple New Year shows that occurs throughout Las Vegas, this month plays host to the biggest electronic show (CES) with almost 4,000 companies in attendance from over 150 countries where technology and innovations are on full display. The CES week is probably is one of the most expensive week of the year in terms of hotel room rates in Las Vegas. Avoid this week if you can. It is also the most where honor it gives to the founder of the African-American Civil Rights movement, Martin Luther King Jr., and the adult film star entertainment. If you are into tech or love good adult movies or you could enjoy the marching band in solidarity to racial equality, all in January.

February – this is a party and celebration month, enjoy good food, drinks and insight to the Chinese culture as they celebrate the New Year or go carnival dancing with Black history month or enjoy a romantic dinner or lunch on Valentine’s day in many resorts and hotel and sees many couples and lovers getting hitched. If all this is not your style, then enjoy the three-day archery event from arches all around the world in the Vegas Shoot.

March – if you love a good glass whiskey or some Irish beer at St. Patrick day or perhaps speed is your thing, March is the best month to visit Vegas. This month hosts the NASCAR cup series, the monster truck, or you can enjoy artist works in the Vegas Toy Con. Round up the event with the best in extreme sports like the BMX cycling, wrestling, and skateboarding where artists showcase their skills with some really funky music to end the month.

April –the activities in March rolls into April with plenty of music festivals, including the Country Music awards, the Jazz festival that you can enjoy while you sip a good beer at the Beer Festival, and chow down with some tasty Indian foods as you soak in their colorful culture. You may want to be generous and have the opportunity to provide a scholarship for a student at the UNLVino where you can sip spirits and wine for a scholarship.

May – festivities in the month include the Helldorado days, San Gennaro feast, Cinco de Mayo, and the Puerto Rican festivals where you have the opportunity to indulge in foods and activities from Mexico, Italy, Puerto Rico, and some old American Western culture. These events include parades, food booths, kids’ activities, sports, and plenty more. This month also hosts the Exodus Festival as the ultimate pool party across major night clubs in Las Vegas with great music from DJs playing everything from hip hop to R&B and others.

June – this is the month of opportunities and great music from across the Caribbean. Starting off with the Reggae in the Desert showcasing the biggest name in industry, then off to the LV lift-off film festival where young talents in film showcase their skills and abilities to the world in all categories, and finally we give accolade to directors, producers and the many men and women who great amazing theater for us at the Vegas Fringe Festival and end the month with the Electric Daisy carnival that sees over 30,000 people fill the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

July – Elvis, dance, fireworks, and beer, the perfect combination to any grand event. This month celebrated American Independence with beautiful fireworks on the 4th of July at a couple of venues around the city. You could come in during the Elvis festival and attend the Big Dog’s summer beer fest with over 40 brews from around the world with some great music and BBQ to chow down. Finally, you have the annual Las Vegas dance in the desert festival by performers in all dance categories from all levels of skill.

August – welcome DEF CON the world’s largest hackers’ convention bringing the best IT names and brands in the world. August is also a time for fashion at MAGIC with over 60,000 fashion names in attendance, and the Tejano Music National convention for any artist’s interest in Tejano.

September – partake in Life is Beautiful festival or celebrate Mexico’s independence day in the El Grito de Vegas with an array of food, drinks, and colors all the way from Mexico. You can also try belly dancing or partake in a contest at the Las Vegas Bellydance festival.

October – a month of food and celebration starting with Oktoberfest showcasing the German culture, then the Greek food, and Age of Chivalry Renaissance festival that displays beautiful cultures, food, and drinks with interesting characters. Book your ticket at South Point Arena and watch the best bullfighter battle for the crown and wrap the month up dressed in elegant Halloween costume for the party of a lifetime.

November – is a productive month with the Vegas Valley Comic book festival and the half Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon. If books and sports are not your things, visit the Motor trend International Auto show to see the latest designs in the world of automobiles from manufacturers around the world.
November ends with something for the little ones if you are here with your kids; be at the DSOSN festival of trees and light where kids get to see Santa, partake in Christmas tree decorating contest, win gifts and enjoy a good dinner in raising more awareness for children living with Down syndrome.

December – this is the holiday month of Las Vegas with the Superbowl of Rodeo in the National Rodeo Finals. It also is host to the cactus light event by Ethel M Chocolate and the Nevada International Film festival that recognizes the efforts of filmmakers in all categories.

This entire event is crowned with the New Year’s Eve numerous parties, fireworks, and music from various resorts in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a city of plenty of fun and interesting activities when you visit at the right time.

Hope to see you soon.